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East Orange Juvenile Sentencing AttorneysAlthough the New Jersey juvenile justice system is supposed to be primarily concerned with “the best interests of the child,” sometimes judges impose harsh sentences on juvenile offenders. Worse yet, a child’s future can be permanently destroyed by a juvenile crime conviction. That’s why it is critical for you to speak with a knowledgeable lawyer who understands the NJ juvenile court system and who will do everything possible to help your son or daughter avoid the most severe penalties.

The criminal defense attorneys at the Tormey Law Firm are well-versed in the specific set of rules that govern the juvenile justice system in New Jersey. We are dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients. Moreover, we have years of experience in courtrooms throughout Essex County, including Newark, West Orange, and Maplewood. The firm’s founding partner, Travis J. Tormey, has successfully defended juvenile clients charged with disorderly conduct, simple possession of marijuana, and simple assault. Another member of the firm’s litigation team previously served as a municipal and county prosecutor in New Jersey. As a result, he has exceptional insight into how prosecutors construct their cases against juvenile defendants.

You can count on the Tormey Law Firm to provide your son or daughter with a rigorous defense. Call us anytime at 201-654-3464 for a free case consultation.

Juvenile Cases: Sentencing Procedure in Newark NJ

New Jersey’s juvenile justice system is governed by a standard that stands in stark contrast to the adult court system. Whereas the sentencing process for adults convicted of crimes centers on punishment and deterrence, the primary focus in juvenile cases is “the best interests of the child.” As a result, the juvenile justice system emphasizes rehabilitation, not punishment. This focus on rehabilitation is highly evident in the sentencing procedure in juvenile court cases.

Penalties in juvenile cases can include any of the following:

  • Probation
  • Community Service
  • Counseling
  • Rehabilitation
  • Restitution
  • Driver’s License Suspension
  • Research Reports
  • Incarceration
  • Deferred Disposition
    • NOTE: A deferred disposition is a court resolution that bears many similarities to the Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI) program for which some adults may be eligible. If the court grants a deferred disposition, the juvenile must successfully complete all of the requirements of the sentence during a probationary period, after which the charges are dismissed.

A pre-disposition report is produced by the probation department in order to provide the sentencing judge with a comprehensive vision of the juvenile and the case. Before determining the appropriate sentence in a juvenile case, the judge will consider the following factors:

  • The nature and circumstances of the offense
  • The degree of injury or damage caused by the offense
  • The juvenile’s age and previous criminal record
  • Whether the disposition supports family strength, responsibility, unity, and the well-being and physical safety of the juvenile
  • Whether the disposition provides for reasonable participation by the child’s parents or guardians
  • Whether the disposition recognizes and treats the unique physical, psychological, and social characteristics and needs of the child
  • Whether the disposition contributes to the child’s developmental needs
  • Any other circumstances related to the offense and the juvenile’s social history as deemed appropriate by the court
  • The impact of the offense on the victim, on the community, and the threat that the juvenile poses to the public

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The criminal trial team at the Tormey Law Firm has formulated advanced defense tactics that we can use to help your son or daughter avoid the most serious penalties for a juvenile offense. If your child has been charged with a juvenile crime in Essex County or anywhere else in New Jersey, contact the Tormey Law Firm today. You can reach us by phone at 201-654-3464, or you can email us to schedule a free consultation at our office in Newark, NJ.

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