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Illegal Possession of a Handgun: N.J.S.A. 2C:39-5(b)

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Essex County Handgun Lawyer Needed HelpWeapons offenses in New Jersey need to be taken seriously. The State of New Jersey has some of the strictest and most punitive gun laws in the entire county. As a result, the penalties for Illegal Possession of a Handgun are severe. You need a tough lawyer who won’t back down in court and who will do everything possible to protect your constitutional rights.

The Tormey Law Firm can help you fight your handgun charges and avoid the most severe consequences of a conviction. Our lawyers have represented numerous clients accused of weapons offenses in Maplewood, Bloomfield, and everywhere else in Essex County, NJ. We know what it takes to win in the courtroom because we have done it time and time again. Additionally, our criminal defense team includes a former county and municipal prosecutor who prosecuted gun cases; now she is fighting for the rights of defendants like you.

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Illegal Possession of a Handgun: N.J.S.A. 2C:39-5(b)

Handgun possession charges are governed by N.J.S.A. 2C:39-5b. NJ law prohibits a person from possessing a handgun without a valid license or permit. Additionally, you can be charged with Illegal Possession of a Handgun even if you legally obtained the gun; in order to possess the gun outside your home or place of residence, you must have a valid carry permit. This means that if police find your gun stored in the glove compartment of your car, you could be looking at significant jail time.

Out-of-state residents can also be charged with Illegal Possession of a Handgun – even if the person has a valid permit to possess the gun in another state. This quirk in the law is not always readily apparent to people; as a result, many truckers and other people simply passing through the state are shocked when they get arrested and charged with a very serious weapons offense.

Penalties for Illegal Handgun Possession in NJ

The statute classifies Illegal Handgun Possession as a second degree felony. This means that anyone convicted of illegally carrying a handgun in the State of New Jersey is subjected to a term of incarceration of 5–10 years in NJ State Prison.

Graves Act Offenses in Essex County

The Graves Act imposes a minimum mandatory period of parole ineligibility for anyone convicted of Illegal Possession of a Handgun. Even first-time offenders are subject to prison time because Graves Act offenses carry a presumption of incarceration. The only way to avoid mandatory incarceration if you are convicted is to request a Graves Act Waiver from both the presiding judge and the prosecutor.

Fight Essex County Gun Charges

One of the best ways to fight illegal handgun charges is to challenge the constitutionality of the police search and seizure. Police officers must have a legal right to search your property or person. Generally speaking, this entails a search warrant. If the police did not have probable cause and a search warrant, any evidence they obtained could be declared inadmissible in court.

Another way to fight your handgun charges it to contest the elements of your charge. For example, the prosecution must prove that you possessed the handgun in order to seek a conviction. There are two ways to establish possession:

  1. Actual Possession: You exercised direct control over the handgun.
  2. Constructive Possession: You were aware of the presence of the handgun nearby and had both the ability and the intent to exercise control over it. This typically occurs when a police officer finds the handgun stored in your house or in the glove compartment of your car.

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