Essex County Welfare Employee Indicted for Insurance Fraud

Grand Jury Indicts Essex County Worker for Filing Bogus Insurance Claims

Essex County Fraud ChargesA Perth Amboy woman who works for the Essex County welfare division in East Orange NJ could soon stand trial in NJ State Superior Court after a grand jury indicted her on insurance fraud charges. The suspect is 31-year-old Fatu K. Rimbert. According to the New Jersey Attorney’s General’s Office, Rimbert filed false insurance claims to receive more than $7,000 in wage reimbursement and disability payments through her job.

Rimbert allegedly sought reimbursement for lost wages after she told her bosses that she had been involved in multiple car accidents in December 2014 and October 2015. However, authorities later learned that Rimbert might not have been truthful about the auto accidents or about the extent of her reported injuries. In fact, noted NJ Attorney General Christopher S. Porrino in an official statement, Rimbert “illegally padded her claims” for wage reimbursement and disability so that she could collect more money than she was otherwise entitled to receive. Rimbert’s claims were filed with Progressive Insurance Company and Minnesota Life Insurance Company. Both insurance providers became suspicious of Rimbert and alerted New Jersey law enforcement officials.

Severe Penalties for Theft and Fraud Crimes in New Jersey

Detectives with the NJ State Attorney General’s Office investigated Rimbert for the alleged fraud and eventually determined that there was enough evidence to place her under arrest. Rimbert was charged with multiple felonies, including insurance fraud, theft by deception, and impersonation. Rimbert was not charged with forgery, despite what investigators claim was clear evidence that she forged or altered employer documents before submitting them to the insurance companies.

Depending on how prosecutors choose to proceed with the criminal case, it’s possible that Rimbert will eventually have to answer the charges at trial in New Jersey Superior Court in Trenton, NJ. Although NJ prosecutors typically offer plea deals in fraud cases that don’t involve the use or threat of violence, the reality is that even a plea agreement would likely involve serious prison time for the defendant.

In his statement about the Rimbert case, New Jersey Attorney General Christopher Porrino issued a word of caution to anyone in NJ who might be thinking about committing fraud. It may be “an easy way to obtain a few extra bucks from [an] insurance company,” said Porrino, but it won’t end well for the offender. Regardless of how small the insurance payout might be, added acting Insurance Fraud Prosecutor Christopher Iu, NJ prosecutors will seek maximum penalties for insurance fraud in these cases.

In addition to facing the consequences of criminal prosecution, Rimbert could find that her job with Essex County is also in serious jeopardy. Rimbert, who has worked for Essex County for more than six years, may be suspended while the criminal case remains unresolved. Once a resolution is reached – and if that resolution involves a guilty plea or a conviction at trial – it’s possible that the county will terminate Rimbert’s employment.

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