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Newark DWI Attorneys NJThere is significant police presence in Newark, NJ because it is the largest and most populated city in Essex County, being close to 26 square miles and a City called home by more than 277,000 individuals.  As such, it is foreseeable that Newark has significant DWI’s on just the basis of its size, population and number of visitors. Newark Police Department even has an Alcoholic Beverage Control Unit.  

For one, the City of Newark can be considered the traffic hub of Essex County, if not the State, since there are various modes of transportation in this City, including but not limited to: Newark International Airport, the Port Newark-Elizabeth shipping terminal, and Newark Penn Station.  Additionally, Newark is served by numerous highways and roadways, that include: the New Jersey Turnpike, the Garden State Parkway, U.S. Route 1/9, U.S. Route 21, and U.S. Route 22. Further, Newark connects New Jersey residents to New York City through the Holland Tunnel and the Pulaski Skyway.  Thus, there is substantial police presence due to its high number of individuals traveling within and through this City.  

In conjunction with above, there are sporting events and more located at Newark’s Prudential Center and frequent performances held at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center.  Moreover, it is important to note that UMDNJ, Rutgers University Medical and Law Schools, Seton Hall Law School, New Jersey Institute of Technology and various other schools have campuses located in Newark.  University Hospital and The United States District Court for the District of New Jersey can also be found in the City of Newark. The existence of these frequently visited places only further emphasizes the significance of police activity in the area.  

Newark Municipal Court – DWI Cases

Newark DWI cases are heard at the Newark Municipal Court, located at 31 Green Street, Newark, New Jersey.  The Court can be reached by phone at 973-733-6520 and via fax at: 973-733-8533 or 973-424-4142. Court sessions are held five days per week in the mornings, beginning at 8:30am and afternoons, beginning at 4:00pm.  Newark Municipal Court has seven courtrooms. The Chief Judge of Newark Municipal Court is Dion J. Williams. There is also a Violations Court Administrator, Alethia Parker and Criminal Court Administrator, Michelle Taylor.  

Drunk Driving in New Jersey: Proving a DWI and Penalties for Convictions

A DWI is proven through failure of field sobriety tests (including: the Walk-and –Turn Test, Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus, and One-leg Stand Test), your blood alcohol concentration exceeding 0.08% or higher, and more.  

First-time Offenders

If your Blood Alcohol Concentration is 0.08% or higher but less than 0.10%, an Interlock device must be installed in your vehicle for a minimum period of three months.  Prior to the installation of this device, your driver’s license is suspended.  

If your Blood Alcohol Concentration is 0.10% but less than 0.15%, an Interlock device must be installed in your vehicle for a minimum period of seven months to one year.  Again, prior to the installation of this device, your driver’s license is suspended. 

If your Blood Alcohol Concentration is 0.15% or above, there is driver’s license suspension for a minimum of four to six months.  Again, prior to the installation of this device, you must install Interlock in your vehicle for a minimum period of nine months to fifteen months.  Moreover, driver’s license is suspended prior to the installation of this device.  

Second-time Offenders 

If your Blood Alcohol Concentration being 0.08% or higher, there is driver’s license suspension for a minimum period of one to two years.  Following the suspension period, you must install Interlock in your vehicle for a minimum period of two years to four years.  You also face imprisonment. 

Repeat Offenders (Third or Subsequent)

On more than two instances if you are stopped for a DWI, and your Blood Alcohol Concentration is 0.08% or higher, you will be subjected to a Driver’s license suspension, but it is for a minimum period of eight years.   Following the suspension period, you must also install Interlock in vehicle. You also face imprisonment.

Despite the number of offenses you have, it is important to note that you will be required to pay for the installation of the Interlock device.  You also face insurmountable fines and costs if convicted of the DWI offense.  

Fight a DWI with Our Experienced Drunk Driving Defense Team

For years we have helped clients get their cases dismissed or mitigated the consequences of a DWI.  That is why you need an attorney from our law firm to help you with your Newark DWI. Undisputedly, we build a defense that analyzes your case from various perspectives.  We inquire about the validity/probable cause of your stop and examine the discovery. We have Certified Alcotest attorneys that have the distinctive knowledge of the proper administration of the breath tests and other tests as well.  

Further, we have represented countless clients whether including driving while intoxicated, refusal to submit to breath test and DWI in school zone.  Call us today for a free consultation for your Newark DWI.  

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